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We are so grateful to be able to reach out to respond to mental wellness, suicide intervention, and to promote awareness, comfort, and healing.   We are so grateful to be able to reach out to remove stigmas, replacing them with guidance acceptance and healthy perspectives. 

Honoring Simone Battle today, brings to light the story of a young woman who had so much promise but for the life of her could not see the inner strength and beauty she possessed.  Now we have a task to build upward and to bring to light what is hidden deeply in many of us...and it’s okay.  As a people we must embrace and uplift ourselves and each other.  Recognizing mental health challenges that lead to suicidal behaviors is the first step to intervention, prevention and healing.  When we embrace self -love, putting it in its proper place, we can begin to move forward with dignity.  This movement impacts others who might suffer with mental health issues.  This movement speaks a loud voice and offers a call to removing shame, stigmas and guilt, promoting self- love, acceptance and health and peace. 

The Simone Battle Foundation mission is to guide individuals with mental health challenges to a place of empowerment to conquer, eradicate stigmas and promote healing. 

“Dear Simone Battle” is the foundation blog that will inspire and offer insight and awareness about mental health and suicide intervention.  We look forward to this journey with you as you follow us through this platform and in person at our upcoming events.  The Simone Battle Foundation will continue to be a beacon for healing, health, empowerment and dignity.

Yours in peace,

Donna S. Morgan

Executive Administrator


Dear Simone Battle...

Looking at some of the comments & tweets I get, it’s apparent that some people don’t like me very much,

“Simone is cocky, Simone is conceited, arrogant, Simone thinks shes all that”...

Even though it hurts to be judged by people who don’t even know you, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

When I was little I used to get picked on a lot in school cuz I did my own thing and I wore these retro cat eyed glasses & sometimes I tinted the lenses yellow or blue.  I’d make my own clothes.  I was a hot mess.  My hair was always wild...but it never really bothered me that I didn’t fit in.  I guess I was just blessed to be so confident with who I was. 

I think in general, we as a people embrace insanity more than we embrace self- love.

Conceited. Adjective. Excessively proud of oneself. 

What’s wrong with that?

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in humility, I don’t believe in putting others down to build oneself up. 

I think if we loved ourselves a little more the world would be a better place.

Feel free to love yourself.
— Simone